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So much to celebrate!


Ribbon cuttings for new facilities, generous gifts from lifelong donors, board appointments and retreats, employee accomplishments, anniversaries, organizational awards, achievement of important milestones--there are endless opportunities to create goodwill, connect with your community, honor your team members, and have a good time!


A paper published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nursing Management, declares that "rituals support a sense of stability and continuity in a constantly changing healthcare environment."


Sadly, acknowledgement, ritual, and celebration often fall by the wayside in the scurry of day-to-day business. At Genuine Enterprises, we deeply value the art of celebration. Let us help you design and execute meaningful ceremonies with deep impact to honor the auspicious occasions in the life of your organization.


Looking for a warm and masterful officiant for a wedding, end-of-life ceremony, baby blessing, or other grand life event? Head on over to to learn more about engaging Holly LeMaster for your personal celebrations.


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