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Leadership development


So often, individual high performers are promoted into leadership without the skills, mentoring, or clarity they need to succeed. They are simply expected to know how to manage others and think like a leader. But insightful organizations with an eye on recruiting and retaining the best talent know that investing in developing their leaders is key. 

Some used to think the old, patriarchal, command-and-control approach to leadership would work. That people would do as they were told because "the boss said so." Thankfully, we know better now. The key to leadership is being relational, influential, human. Showing up in a way that makes people want to follow you because they like you, they respect you, and they know you've got their backs. They see your dedication to serving your customers and your mission. Even when you're not perfect (because...who is?), you're able to be transparent and accountable, owning your mistakes and admitting when you don't know something.


This kind of leadership arises from emotional intelligence: beginning with a strong foundation of genuine self-awareness before turning the focus around to understand what the world is like for other people. Then working to become the kind of leader we would like to follow. 


Genuine Enterprises works with organizations to identify, develop, and grow relational leaders. We'll design a custom approach to build skills, create awareness, and serve your people--an approach tailored specifically to suit or to evolve your unique organizational culture.


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